Recording and Mixing

Recording is not just to press a button. The technical knowledge, knowing the tools and the creativity are esential ro know witch microphone, preamp and effect we have to use to get the desired result in each production to translate the music and the emotions to the listener.

My experiencie with dozens of records produced and mixed with my creativity and technical knowledge can give to your production the missing gap between the initial idea and the final result.

My experience and knowledge allows me to record any pop-rock, indie band, songwritter, orchestra, bigband and other ensembles.


The Studio has 3 recording rooms and 2 amp booths.

We also have an big room with grand piano

Otherwise we have access to other studios and Auditoriums for each project requests



-Flea M49

-Telefunken Elam260 (x2)

-Telefunken RM5c (x2)

-Telefunken M60 (x2)

-Telefunken M82

-Telefunken M80

-Telefunken M81

-Telefunken M80Sh

-Telefunken M81Sh (x3)

-Beesneez Mahalia

-Lauten Audio Oceanus

-Schoeps CCM22

-DPA 4011 (x2)

-Coles 4038 (x2)

-Royer R121

-AEA R84

-Neumann u87

-Schoeps CMC6 (x2)

-Senheisser 421 (x2)

-Senheisser 441 (x2)

-Akg D12


-Neve 1073 Heritage audio (x4)

-Neve 8801 (x2)

-Chandler TG Passive Channel (x2)

-Shadow hills Magma Preamp (x2)

-AEA TRP (x2)

-Summit MPE200 by Rupert Neve (x2)

-A-Designs RedDI

-Cartec PRE-Q5 (x2)

-PrismSound Pre (x8)

-RME octamic (x8)


Processors & FX

-Neve 1073 Hertiage Audio EQ (x2)

-Neve 8801 Channel strip (EQ and Comp) (x2)

-Chandler TG Passive Channel (EQ) (x2)

-Summit MPE200 EQ by Rupert Neve (x2)

-Alan Smart C2(x1)

-Orban 622B Equalizer (x2)

-Urei 1178 (x2)

-Universal Audio 1176 (x1)

-Bricasti M7 Reverb

-Pionner SR-202 Spring Reverb (x2)

-EMT 140 Plate Reverb

Converters ad/da

-Antelope Orion HDX 32 i/o

-Prism Sound Altas

-Avid HDX


-Amphion One18

-ATC 20 Midfields

-Yamaha NS10


-Cranesong Avocet II Quantum D/A

-Hearback Cue Mixers for musicians (x4)


-Protools HD12

-Cubase 7.5

-Logic X

-UAD plugins

-Slate Digital all plugins

-Waves diamond bundle

-Sonnox all plugins

-FabFilter all plugins

-EastWest Composers Collection 2

-EastWest Goshtwritter

-Spectrasonics Trillian, Omnisphere, Stylus

-Arturia instruments

-FXpansion Guru


-Petrof Grand Piano

-Fender Stratocastar Rory Gallagher Custom Shop

-General Instruments Rythmaster Pau Romero Custom Shop

-Tokai 335

-Tokai LesPaul Goldtop

-Tokai Hofner Bass

-Martin EC0028 Acoustic Guitar

-Alhambra J4 Acoustic Guitar

-Eko Ranger 1974 Acoustic Guitar

-Mandolin Webber Galatin

-Weissenborn De Diego

-Greek Bouzouki

-Fender Bassman 69 amp

-Suhr Badger 18 amp

-3Monkeys Orangutan amp

-Matchless Chieftain

-Fuchs 2×12 cabinet

-Fuchs 1×12 cabinet


Gravar amb el Pau Romero ha sigut sentir-me còmoda i com a casa. Quan fas un disc treus una part de la teva ànima i per facilitar aquest procés penso que és fantàstic envoltar-te de gent eficaç, professional i creativa, però sobre tot és important que siguin bones persones. Aquest és el cas del Pau Romero.

Lidia Guevara